The Professional Immersion Program (PIP) is Cal Shakes’ stipended, professional training program for young artistic leaders, designers, teachers, and technicians.

Cal Shakes is an equal opportunity employer, has an inclusive work environment, and actively embraces a diversity of people, backgrounds, ideas, talents, and experience. People of color, people of all gender expressions and identities, and people of all sexual orientations are strongly encouraged to apply to PIP.

• For program information and specific FAQs about PIP, visit the General Information page.

• To learn more about fellowships that have been offered through PIP, explore the Fellowship Descriptions page.

• To learn more about internships that have been offered through PIP, explore the Internship Descriptions page.

• For information about currently available positions and application instructions, visit the Apply page.

Additional Questions? Please feel free to email us if you have any questions. You can also stay updated about PIP and and other opportunities to work at Cal Shakes on the Cal Shakes Artist Network Facebook page.