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  • TIME

Due to Cal Shakes’ seasonal schedule, we offer two sessions of internships. Roughly, in-season internships run between April and October, and off-season internships run between October and April.

Most in-season internships require 25 hours per week. Exceptions include Artistic Learning (35 hours per week), as well as stage management and costume design (full-time). Off-season internships require 10-20 hours per week.

Fellowships at Cal Shakes are longer in duration than internships and allow participants to experience both in-season and off-season. Each fellowship has a different timeline, so please check the job descriptions for exact dates and scheduling information. Fellowships last 8-12 months and require approximately 25 hours per week when in the office and a full-time commitment while assistant directing.

Cal Shakes’s interns receive a small weekly travel stipend to assist with the cost of commuting. The stipend depends on the internship, so please check the list below for the exact amount each position will receive.

Artistic Learning - $100/week
Casting - $100/week
Costume Design - $100/week
Costume Shop - $100/week
Production Management - $125/week
Properties - $100/week
Scenic Painting - $100/week
Sound Design/Engineering - $100/week
Stage Management - $125/week

All fellows will receive a stipend of $125/week.

We also reimburse travel expenses for travel done on behalf of Cal Shakes over the course of the workday. Interns are entitled to as many as eight tickets for each Cal Shakes production during which they are on staff, and walk-in tickets to many theaters in the Bay Area.

Cal Shakes is happy to assist you in acquiring college credit through your university. Requirements on the part of Cal Shakes must be discussed in advance in order to accommodate the needs of the university. Interns must provide Cal Shakes with all necessary paperwork on the first day of their internship.

Cal Shakes does not provide transportation to and from work, but it is possible to intern at Cal Shakes without a car. Many production interns have preferred to have their own car due to occasional workday travel; however, interns can organize carpools for this daytime travel.

The Cal Shakes office and rehearsal hall are 1.5 miles from the Ashby BART station in Berkeley, and multiple bus lines stop within a few blocks of the office. The Bruns Amphitheater is BART-accessible during performances—there is a free shuttle that goes between Orinda BART and the Bruns before and after the performances. During technical rehearsals, BART and the shuttle are unavailable at night, so interns without cars are responsible for arranging rides to and from the Bruns.

Interns are responsible for getting themselves to and from work on time.