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Arts Education Administration
Artistic Learning (Summer Shakespeare Conservatory)


Casting (Fall/Winter only)
Special Events
Triangle Lab


Costume Design
Costume Shop
Lighting Design
Production Management
Scenic Construction/Technical Direction
Scenic Painting
Sound Design/Engineering
Stage Management
Wigs and Makeup

We offer the following internships in the fall/winter: arts education administration, artistic, casting, costume shop, development, production management, special events, marketing, and Triangle Lab.


The arts education administration internship is for individuals looking for a well-rounded, grounded foundation in the administration of the arts education department of a major American Theater. This intern reports directly to the Artistic Learning (AL) Coordinator, under the general supervision of the Director of AL. Duties include preparation, coordination, and administration of Cal Shakes’ Artistic Learning programs: Student Discovery Matinees, in-school residencies, after-school classes, workshops, and Summer Shakespeare Conservatories. This position requires basic computer skills and some experience with office administrative duties. The education management intern assists with companywide projects and events and maintains communication within the Artistic Learning staff.
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ARTISTIC LEARNING (Summer Shakespeare Conservatory)
The Summer Shakespeare Conservatory internship is designed to train individuals in the field of arts education and professional theater by: assisting professional teaching artists in the classroom; serving as an active contributor to final camp productions; participating in career enhancement workshops; teaching morning warm-ups during Summer Shakespeare Conservatory; helping produce Student Discovery Matinee events; assisting as needed during Main Stage opening nights and other companywide events; and participating in the administrative and artistic aspects of the Artistic Learning department. This position is ideal for candidates interested in exploring the field of arts education, especially in teaching. Must be proactive, enthusiastic, and energetic.
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The artistic internship is designed for individuals looking for a well-rounded experience of how artistic and production departments function. The artistic intern is directly supervised by the artistic associate and will work closely with the director of artistic engagement and the production manager. The artistic intern gains experience in casting, company management, and artistic administration. The artistic intern assists with company-wide projects and events and assists with Cal Shakes’ internship program, the Professional Immersion Program (PIP). Main duties include assisting with casting, PIP recruitment, and maintaining PIP social media. The artistic internship can be tailored to the individual’s strengths and interests. Positions available year-round.
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Working with the casting director, interns oversee sign-ups, execution of general auditions, and show-by-show auditions and audition prep. Interns also accompany the casting director to the annual Theatre Bay Area auditions. This position immerses interns in the casting process of a LORT-B-level theater. Successful candidates have an interest in acting, directing, and arts administration and are highly detail-oriented. Administrative skills preferred.
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This internship provides an in-depth view into the full range of development activities performed at a midsize professional theater. Intern responsibilities include assisting with the creation of reports to corporate partners; providing support at donor cultivation and other community events (many of which take place in the evening); helping to provide VIP-care to high-level donors; assisting with database maintenance and campaign communications; supporting grant research and submissions; sorting mail; and scheduling and creating minutes for department meetings. Interns may also assist with other companywide projects. Positions available year-round.
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The Special Events intern will assist the Special Events Manager in creating memorable events that enrich our audience’s experience, deepen their relationship to our theater, and provide a venue for creative engagement with artists and theater-making. Duties will include contributing to the creative identity of special events (theme, décor, menu, etc.); planning and facilitating events; communicating with event venues, potential vendors, speakers, artists, etc.; tracking RSVPs and attendee feedback; recruiting and managing volunteers; and additional projects as assigned. Applicants should be detail-oriented, well-organized, and independent thinkers. Applicants should have exceptional people skills, excellent communication skills, the ability to multi-task and work well under pressure, experience using Microsoft Word and Excel, and a valid driver’s license. This position is ideal for candidates interested in the arts and community engagement. Positions available year-round.
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MARKETING portfolio
Under the supervision of the marketing/PR manager and publications manager, the marketing intern assists in developing and implementing the  Main Stage season and Artistic Learning marketing plans. Duties include but are not limited to social networking management, researching local events for their marketing potential, writing and revising press releases and email marketing blasts, attending strategy meetings, copying and archiving photos and materials, developing subscription brochures, and other duties as assigned. Qualifications include a good command of the written English language (knowledge of style guides a plus), comfort with the Internet and Microsoft Office (particularly Word and PowerPoint), basic proficiency with design programs such as Adobe Photoshop and InDesign, valid driver’s license, punctuality, attention to detail, ability to work independently, sense of humor, and the ability to multitask in a busy work environment while still meeting deadlines. Video editing experience is a plus. Positions available year-round.
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The Triangle Lab intern will report directly to the Triangle Lab Director, gaining experience working with innovative artists and community partners and supporting projects that explore how artists can engage with communities to help make social change. Duties will include event planning, staffing community activities, research, social media, and blogging, overseeing audience enrichment activities, and other tasks related to managing complex programs. e intern should have strong organizational skills, good writing skills, competence with computers, an interest in the intersection of arts and community, and the ability to work with a broad range of people. This position is ideal for candidates interested in the intersection of arts and community. Positions available year-round.
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This internship integrates a young designer into the rhythm and protocols of a professional shop. The design intern is introduced to the preliminary design process and participates in design meetings and fittings as well as swatching, shopping, and pulling. Participants will get hands-on experience with stitching, alterations, craft work, millinery and fabric manipulation. The intern will also get an introduction to the technical rehearsal process as well as to the functions and operations of wardrobe, quick changes, and production meetings. They support the wardrobe supervisor during Student Discovery Matinees and are expected to participate in wardrobe stock maintenance. The intern works with Artistic Learning (education) interns to pull and put costumes together, and oversees borrowing and tracking of costumes to be used throughout all the conservatories. Design experience or completed upper-division design courses required for this position. Sewing experience is preferred. Applicants must be self-motivated, responsible, and highly creative. Skills in sewing and construction preferred.
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This internship is an introduction to the workings of a professional costume shop. The costume shop intern works on all productions under the guidance of the costume director and in association with costume designers, professional drapers, and stitchers in costume craft construction. Interns are expected to participate in stock maintenance. The internship comprises two-three weeks of introduction to the administrative side of the shop; two-three weeks of working with the costuming craftsperson; two weeks of learning how to manage stock; two weeks of working with the stitchers; and two weeks of working with the cutter. Skills in sewing and construction preferred, as well as an understanding of costume history and terminology. Skills in sewing and construction preferred.
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This internship is an introduction to the workings of a professional costume shop. The costume shop intern works under the guidance of the costume director and in association with some costume designers and professional staff. Interns are also expected to participate in stock maintenance, costume reconstruction, wardrobe restocking, shop inventory, and special events. Skills in sewing and construction preferred. Understanding of costume history and terminology is a plus. Skills in sewing and construction preferred.
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Under the supervision of the master electrician, the lighting design intern participates in the lighting hang and focus of each show with particular attention to design aspects. During the technical rehearsals, the lightingPIP design intern shadows the assistant lighting designer during the first show and spends time on headset during previews learning to coach the followspot.. During the run they share responsibility for maintaining the show and running the light board and spot. Lighting design interns also have the opportunity to be the lighting designer/master electrician for five, one-hour-long abridged presentations of Shakespeare plays produced by our Summer Shakespeare Conservatory. This internship hones the skills of the theatrical lighting designer, imparting a working knowledge of design implementation and preparing the intern for work in the professional theater at the level of design assistant. Demonstrated experience in lighting design and electrics at the college level is required.
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The intern will report directly to the production manager, gaining experience overseeing LORT-scale theatrical productions. Duties include production planning, providing technical rehearsal support, attending production meetings, assisting with contracting and budget tracking, completing research projects, and other company management tasks. The intern should have strong administrative and organizational skills and excellent interpersonal skills. Positions available year-round.
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The Properties intern works closely with the properties master and artisan on the build of each show and the management of the prop shop. During the rehearsal process, the properties intern is assigned to build projects involving carpentry, sewing, and metalwork, and assists in procuring rentals and shopping for shows. The intern will also assist in maintaining the prop shop and storage. This internship provides a diversity of projects through the build of different shows, and establishes a basis of professional experience that will lead to a successful future in the theater. This position is also great for applicants interested in scenic design. Skills in one or more of the following areas are preferred: carpentry, paint, sewing, and metalwork.
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This internship is customized to the skill level and personal goals of the intern. Interns participate in the builds and changeovers for each show and learn new skills based on the needs of each show. Projects are assigned based on skill progression while the intern works with staff members highly skilled in a specific area of expertise to expand the intern’s skill set. Skills in scenic carpentry, rigging, and metalworking are gained or refined through working on individual and team projects for each show. Other areas covered in this internship can include: budgeting, AutoCAD, crew safety, communication with production and artistic staff, shop organization, team leadership, and crew scheduling. Demonstrated experience in scenic construction required.
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The intern assists the scenic artist and technical director in the translation of scenic designs into large-scale, finished set pieces suitable for outdoor use. Using a variety of tools, the intern gains hands-on practical experience in paint techniques from color mixing, layout, textures to installation and touch-ups. Paint shop maintenance and crew safety are also emphasized. Applicants with an art background are encouraged to apply. Painting experience required.
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The sound design/engineering intern works closely with the sound engineer to set up and maintain the sound system for the theater and to implement the design of each show from rehearsal through tech and performances. Additionally, the sound intern helps program and run shows, gaining familiarity with sound cueing programs and equipment.  The intern also serves as the sound designer for the five, one-hour-long abridged presentations of Shakespeare plays produced by our Summer Shakespeare Conservatories. This internship is designed to train the intern in systems, design, programming, and mixing. Demonstrated experience with sound design and/or sound board operation required.
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The stage management intern works closely with the stage manager and production assistant on all aspects of managing the rehearsal process for each Main Stage production. The intern learns professional methods of all stage management tasks, including preparing rehearsal reports; running rehearsals; taking line, rehearsal, and performance notes; and communicating rehearsal needs to various production departments. In tech and performance, the intern serves as an additional member of the backstage crew, assisting the production assistant with the run and maintenance of the show. Interns also serve as production stage managers for our Summer Shakespeare Conservatories. This internship is designed to be a training springboard to the professional stage management world. Demonstrated experience in college- or community-level stage management required.
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This internship prepares an individual to work as a professional theatrical hair and makeup artist. The wigs and makeup intern has the opportunity to work with professional theatrical hair and makeup artists to learn and develop makeup skills, hair and wig styling, and wig and facial hair construction. This position includes: construction, refurbishing, alteration, and/or preparation of wigs and hair pieces; and assisting the stylist with the maintenance of wigs and facial hair for Main Stage productions. This position will also include some running of performances, helping the actors in and out of their wigs, and quick changes. Applicant should have practical knowledge of cosmetology and basic hair and wig work. Previous backstage experience and experience with casualty makeup, prosthetics, character makeup, and facial hair is preferred. The ideal candidate must possess a calm professional demeanor, a willingness to learn, and the ability to follow through with details.
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