We are currently accepting applications for Cal Shakes’ 2017 Season. The production dates are below. You can also stay updated about PIP and and other opportunities to work at Cal Shakes on the Cal Shakes Artist Network Facebook page.

2017 Season Dates
As You Like It The Glass Menagerie black odyssey Measure for Measure
1st Reh: 4/25 1st Reh: 6/6 1st Reh: 7/11 co-pro with Santa Cruz Shakespeare
Tech: 5/18 Tech: 6/29 Tech: 8/3 Tech: 9/14
Opening: 5/27 Opening: 7/8 Opening: 8/12 Opening: 9/23
Closing: 6/18 Closing: 7/31 Closing: 9/3 Closing: 10/15

While production dates inform the availability requirements for many positions, conflicts can often be accommodated. All applicants will be asked to provide potential conflicts as part of their application.

We are currently accepting applications for the following positions:

Requires availability M-F during Summer Shakespeare Conservatory (June 12th-August 9th).

This position spans both the season and the off-season. The AE Fellow will assistant direct The Glass Menagerie and full-time availability (Tues-Sun) during rehearsal and tech is required during the production dates above. When not assistant directing, the AE Fellow works with the Artistic Engagement department. Monday availability is required; otherwise, schedule is flexible.

Requires full-time availability M-F except during tech.

Requires part-time availability M-F throughout season.

Two full-time (T-Sun) tracks will be offered. Track A will work on As You Like It and black odyssey. Applicants with conflicts at either end of the internship period are still encouraged to apply. Track B will work on The Glass Menagerie. Each track will require full-time availability (T-Sun) during rehearsal and tech and evening availability during the run.

Before applying, all applicants should review the General Information page to ensure their eligibility. Please note that applicant should be 18 or older by the start of their position.

Applications must be completed online in one session; progress cannot be saved. Please have the following attachments prepared before proceeding:

Cover Letter: Your letter should be 500 words or less and address why you are interested in interning at Cal Shakes, the related training or experience you already possess, and what would make this a successful internship for you. Your cover letter should reveal information about yourself that may not be represented on your resume.

Resume: Your resume should include your professional experience and experience relevant to your desired department. Although acting credits may be included on a professional resume, we will not accept acting resumes.

Portfolio (Costume Design and Costume Shop Internships only): Please submit at least three photographs or other scanned samples of your work in construction, design, or drawing that give us an idea of your style and skills.

We will review applications after each of the following deadlines:

First deadline: February 20
Second deadline: March 13

Telephone and personal interviews will be held for select applicants following each deadline. Positions that are filled following the first application deadline will be removed from this page. All applicants will be notified of our decisions by May.

Please note: Due to the evolving needs and capacity of our company, available positions are constantly changing and will often vary from season to season. If you have questions about a position not listed here, please email us. You can also join the Cal Shakes Artist Network Facebook page to receive updates and announcements about PIP and other opportunities to work at Cal Shakes.