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Why give?
Because your support makes a difference.

Cal Shakes relies on contributions from individuals, businesses, and institutions to support our award-winning work on stage, our extensive arts-education programs, and our community-based story-telling experiments—all of which expand participation in the arts and arts education by Bay Area community members.

Your donations make our work possible—and make a difference to thousands of people. Because of your support, more people—youth and elders, students and teachers, artists from multiple disciplines—can be part of a thriving theater community.

You can choose from a variety of ways to give, and access a variety of benefits in return.

Individual donors who make gifts of $100 or more become Cal Shakes Champions, eligible
   for a variety of exciting benefits.

Businesses of every size and budget gain access to our highly desirable audience along with
   hospitality benefits by collaborating with Cal Shakes through Corporate Partnerships.

Individuals and corporate partners alike attend our annual gala where you can help RAISE THE ROOF in  2014 to celebrate our 40th Anniversary, and bid on impossible-to-buy-elsewhere experiences. Many also   donate auction items, wine, or other goods in exchange for recognition and marketing benefits.

Volunteers give time to Cal Shakes in many ways and are rewarded with free admission to
   performances and other "insider" privileges.

Give the gift of Cal Shakes by purchasing a season subscription package for your family and friends.

Choose the option that’s right for you, and make a difference. Your gift to Cal Shakes matters.

You can support Cal Shakes by writing a review
of your experiences with us on Great Nonprofits

Take a look at the slideshow below to see 2013 highlights of what your support made possible—onstage and on the grounds at our Theater..

  • 01_opening
  • 02
  • 03_AN_Opening
  • 04_AN
  • 05_AN
  • 06_AN
  • 07_AN
  • 08_AN
  • 09_AN
  • 10_AN
  • 11_RJ_Opening
  • 12_RJ
  • 13.1_rj
  • 13_RJ
  • 14_RJ
  • 15_RJ
  • 16_RJ
  • 17_RJ
  • 18_RJ
  • 19_LWF_Opening
  • 20.1_lwf
  • 20_LWF
  • 21_LWF
  • 22_LWF
  • 23_LWF
  • 24_AWT_OPening
  • 25_AWT
  • 26_AWT
  • 27_AWT
  • 29_AWT
  • 30_AWT
  • 31_AWT
  • 32_AWT
  • 33_AWT
  • 34_AWT
  • 35_AWT
  • 36_AWT

Your generous investment makes the successes of this Theater—your Theater—possible, and helps to ensure that thousands of people have access to these experiences as well.


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