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Cal Shakes Legacy Circle
Honoring those who are ensuring the future

"We helped establish the Moscone Permanent Endowment because we wanted Cal Shakes to have a reliable source of annual income for many decades into the future.  We sincerely hope that others will join us in expanding this new endowment fund.”
—Ellen & Joffa Dale, Charter Members, Cal Shakes Legacy Circle

The Cal Shakes Legacy Circle recognizes those individuals who have named Cal Shakes as a beneficiary of their will, retirement plan, life insurance policy, or charitable trust, as well as donors who have contributed to Cal Shakes’ endowments during their lifetimes. When you make a legacy gift to Cal Shakes, you support the creation of great theater, expanded community participation, and in-depth arts education for Bay Area students. If you have already included Cal Shakes in your estate plans, please let us know so that we may extend our thanks and welcome you as a 2014 Charter Member of the Cal Shakes Legacy Circle.

Members of the Cal Shakes Legacy Circle are important partners in our success, and it is our privilege to acknowledge their support with benefits designed to strengthen the relationship between Legacy Circle donors and our artistic team, including invitations to an annual tea in the Moscone Green Room at the Bruns and other special events.

Legacy Circle gifts can be unrestricted or added to the Moscone Permanent Endowment for the California Shakespeare Theater.  However you choose to include Cal Shakes in your legacy, we are here to help make sure that your wishes are carried out as you intend.   

Moscone Permanent Endowment Lead Donors
Ellen & Joffa Dale
Barclay and Sharon Simpson

Legacy Circle Members
Mary Jo & Bruce Byson
Phil & Chris Chernin
Debbie Chinn
Ellen & Joffa Dale
Peter Fisher
Douglas Hill
Xanthe & Jim Hopp
David Ray Johnson
Mark Jordan
Debby & Bruce Lieberman
Tina Morgado
Richard Norris
Shelly Osborne
James & Nita Roethe
Laura & Robert Sehr
Barclay & Sharon Simpson
Jean Simpson
Valerie Sopher
Kate Stechschulte & David Cost, In Memory of Margaret Cost
M.J. Stephens & Bernard Tagholm
Janis Turner
Carol Jackson Upshaw
Arthur Weil
Jay Yamada
Monique Young

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