Past Guiding Star and Luminary Honorees

Each year, we bestow our GUIDING STAR award and recognize four Bay Area Luminaries whose greatness inspires us to MAKE vital theater on our stages, nurture a culture where all can LEARN about our common humanity, and ENGAGE with the abundant diversity of the East Bay by sharing our theater with everyone. It's your SUPPORT that makes all of this possible.

Bill Rauch

Bill has served as the Artistic Director of Oregon Shakespeare Festival since 2007. At OSF, his American Revolutions initiative—commissioning 37 new plays to dramatize moments in American history—and his leadership adopting equity, diversity, and inclusion as key guiding values for his organization have galvanized arts institutions across the country. Before his time at OSF, he was founding Artistic Director of Cornerstone Theater Company, which transformed our notion of how theater could intersect with community in the making of art. Bill’s vision for a more humane world through art has inspired Cal Shakes to imagine the ways in which a Shakespeare theater can remain relevant in the 21st century.

To read a transcript of Bill's 2017 Guiding Stars Keynote Speech, click here.


Luminary: MAKE
Julie Eccles

Luminary: LEARN
Michael Randall

Luminary: ENGAGE
Allen Temple Arms

Luminary: SUPPORT
Peter Read

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