Moscone Permanent Endowment

“We contributed to the Moscone Permanent Endowment because we delight in the productions on stage, are impressed by the work in the classrooms (particularly in underserved areas), and respect an organization that reaches out to encompass the community in which it lives.  We want to ensure that Cal Shakes thrives far into the future.”
–Sharon and Barclay Simpson, Charter Members, Cal Shakes Legacy Circle

The Moscone Permanent Endowment for the California Shakespeare Theater was established in 2014 with a lead gift from longtime Cal Shakes friends and supporters Barclay and Sharon Simpsonon. Their generosity and vision for the future have inspired others to contribute to this endowed fund, thereby ensuring that Cal Shakes will continue to provide authentic, inclusive, and joyful theater experiences for generations to come. 

When supporters specify that their legacy gift is intended for the Moscone Endowment, their gift will be added to the funds invested by Merrill Lynch in our Endowment Management Account (EMA). A payout of 4 to 5% of the total value of the endowment will be remitted annually to Cal Shakes and the EMA will be invested so as to permanently maintain its buying power, allowing for inflation. Unless donors specify otherwise, their gift will be added to the General Operating Support fund within the Moscone Endowment. Donors can further restrict the use of their gift by specifying that it is to be added to the Arts Education, Facilities Improvements, or Artistic Innovation funds within the Endowment.  Payouts from the Moscone Endowment will be allocated according to the amount in each fund.

Having a reliable source of funding, such as the Moscone Permanent Endowment provides, gives Cal Shakes a degree of freedom to explore new opportunities and grow the company with the knowledge that the funds will be there to support our vision.  

You, too, can be a part of our future by contributing to the Moscone Permanent Endowment. If you are making an outright gift of cash or stock, simply let our development staff know that the gift is earmarked for the Moscone Endowment. If you intend to make a gift through your estate plans, be sure to stipulate that the gift is to be added to the Moscone Permanent Endowment for the California Shakespeare Theater. The Federal Tax ID number is the same.

Suggested language to make a bequest to The Moscone Permanent Endowment for the California Shakespeare Theater (to be included in your will or living trust):

I give [$ ________ / ___% of the residue of my estate / the residue of my estate] to California Shakespeare Theater, a California nonprofit public benefit corporation, to be held and administered pursuant to the terms of The Moscone Permanent Endowment for the California Shakespeare Theater.  My bequest shall be used for [General Operating Support // Arts Education // Artistic Innovation // Facilities Improvements.]