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Pay It Forward

At the end of each performance, we ask our audience members to dig through their pockets and donate whatever they can to “pay it forward” for community members who would not otherwise be able to attend Cal Shakes. Your donations support our LEARN and ENGAGE programs by helping Cal Shakes subsidize free and discounted tickets for over 5,000 community members of all ages. These gifts may seem like small change, but it adds up in a big way.

Last season, our audiences contributed over $100,000 over the course of the season, thanks, in part, to matching gifts that inspired patrons to dig deeper. Do YOU want to make a world of difference when you attend the show? We’d love to have you offer a MATCHING DONATION to our 2017 Pay It Forward campaign and watch your gift multiply. On the night of your choosing, we’ll let the audience know that you’re generously matching the total donations we collect that night. Not only do matches double what’s given, they generate good will and cheer! You can keep the glory all for yourself or join up with friends to offer a group match! Either way, we’ll acknowledge and applaud your generosity in our curtain speech.

More Ways To Match
Does your employer have a matching gift program? We’d love to add your business to our list of corporations who match their employee donations to the theater. Contact Shanti Peterson at speterson@calshakes.org or 510.548.3422 x146

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