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image of brun's amphitheater

Eat, Drink, & Be Merry!

The Bruns’ grounds open two hours before curtain so you can enjoy a picnic and relax in our beautiful groves. Classic Catering’s cafe offers a variety of food and beverage options—or pack your own basket of tasty treats. Our eucalyptus- and oak-lined groves are scattered with sculpture and brimming over with good times—they’re the perfect place to start your day or evening of exceptional theater. And Cal Shakes Members at the Director level or above can call ahead and reserve a table in their grove of choice!

If you don’t have time to finish your picnic before the show, never fear! You can eat and drink whatever you like while the performance is happening, inside the amphitheater. Just please be mindful of noise, and unwrap all items before the performance begins, or during intermission.

Classic Catering
The Café is open two hours prior to curtain time and at intermission. The café regularly offers daily specials and other choices tied to the current production. Catering is also available for groups.

     Café Menu
     Beverage Menu
     Wine Menu

The Groves

The Grove Talk Grove: This is where the 20-minute Grove Talks take place, 45 minutes prior to each and every performance. It’s the first one on your left as you head up the path, and its many benches and picnic tables are shaded by Eucalyptus trees.

The North Star Grove: Bruce Johnson’s North Star sculpture presides over this, the first grove on your right. In this grove you’ve got your choice of shade or sun during the day, and the café isn’t far.

The Upper Grove: The most quiet and peaceful of the groves is also the one that’s best for large groups to meet. It’s shaded by Eucalyptus and features a fabulous view of the Amphitheater and the Orinda hills.

About the Yellowjackets
We are making every effort to reduce the yellowjacket population on our grounds. However, as the theater is surrounded by acres of wooded watershed, little critters will continue to be a part of the experience. Keep food covered, whenever possible, and promptly dispose of your trash and recyclables. We've found that scented dryer sheets work as a deterrent; cucumber slices are said to be a natural deterrent, as well. If you do get stung, please contact House Management at once for assistance.

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